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In phonics instruction we scaffold blending activities with word complexity and use shorthand writing to represent words using V for vowel, C for consonant, and e for a silent e in a split digraph.

Word Types

  • VC words, vowel and consonant such as “am”
  • CVC word, short vowel words ending in a consonant such as “cat”
  • CVCC and VCC, short vowel sounds ending in two consonants such as “ant”
  • CCVC words with a consonant blend like “frog”
  • CVCC words with a consonant digraph such as “ship”
  • CVCe words with a long vowel and a silent e
  • CCVCC, CCCVC, and CCCVC words that contain consonant blends and/or digraphs at the start or end of a word.

In the Classroom

In the classroom we focus on blending these word typed. The teacher will isolate the letters in SAT into S-A-T and then blend and say /SA/ and then add the T and say /SAT/. The teacher models the procedure. Has students do the procedure and then repeats the procedure. Begin with CVC words and then move into initial consonant blends.

Blending is not as effective with vowel patterns as students have already mastered the skill with automaticity and then need to focus on common vowel patterns.

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