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Book Title: Walt Disney

Author: Joanne Mattern

Summary: The book starts with a section “Meet Walt Disney”, stating he was a famous artist who drew many cartoons and made movies. He also created theme parks. The biography covers when and where he was born, and his family. It follows his interests and activities as a child and how they followed him through his life. The book creates a storyline of how his hard work lead to what he had created. The book also touches on history in the United States during his life, such as him driving an ambulance during the war. The biography looks into some of his famous works of art including Mickey Mouse and Snow White. The book provides a timeline of his accomplishments.

Favorite Part: My favorite part was when the book talked about how most famous works because most people are familiar with them and have had interactions with those stories.

Recommendation: This story can inspire children to be more creative and pursue their dreams. The book includes pictures, maps, and timelines for children to learn how to use. This book was well written to be kid friendly.

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