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The Bad Seed By Jory John

Introduce the Book

This is a story about a seed who proclaims himself as “bad” based on his actions of showing up late, never putting things back where they belong, never washing his hands, lying, and cutting in line.


The bad seed explains to readers what makes him so bad. He commits acts such as lying, showing up late, cutting in line, etc. Although, he says he was not always like this. He was born a happy seed on a sunflower with his family. Until the flower drooped and they all fell. They were collected and sold as sunflower seeds. He doesn't remember much, but he remembers a “giant” picked him up and tried to eat him, but then spit him out. When he woke up, he had a change of heart and became a bad seed. He said though he was tired of being a bad seed, and was ready to be happy. So he made a big change in his life and became a good seed.

Share Your Favorite Part

I really enjoyed the part where the bad seed became happy. The pictures in and of itself really show it is so much easier to be happy, and it is draining to be bad or sad. This is a great lesson to young students.

Give a Recommendation

This is a really cute book for kindergartners. The pictures were very detailed and the message of the story was great. I definitely recommend this book.

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