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Book Title: Soup Day

Author: Melissa Iwai

Summary: This is a realistic fiction book. The story is about a girl and her mom's adventure and process of making soup together. They first buy the groceries at the supermarket, then they prepare all the produce by cutting and washing it. Then they assemble all of the ingredients inside of the pot and wait for it to cook. As they wait, they read to each other and enjoy time with one another. As the soup begins to cook, they go through the process of tasting the soup and adding the spices like salt and pepper. Then they finish the soup by choosing a pasta type to add. The girl picks alphabet noodles. The book ends with them eating soup as a family after the father comes home.

Analyze Author Craft: I think this book does a great job of not only showing the importance of parent and child bonding, but also simple the process of making food. The book characters model patients as they prepare the soup and wait for it to cook. They also model healthy parent and child bonding time when they are passing time waiting for the soup to cook.

My favorite part: Is when the girl and her mom are passing time waiting for the soup to cook. They are playing games with each other and reading one another stories. I think this does a great job of modeling a healthy parent/child relationship.

Give Recommendation: I would recommend this book to kids who are in pre-k or first grade. One thing I could foresee being a problem is that not every child has a healthy relationship with their parents. I could see this book maybe stirring up some questions about how some kid's parents treat them. Other than that, I think it is a great model for patients, cooking skills and parent/child bonding.

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