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Sam and Dave want to dig a hole to find something spectacular. They decide to keep digging until they find something spectacular. They dig through a long distance; along the way they dig past many jewels and potential spectacular objects. At the end, they become tired and decide to take a rest. Meanwhile, their dog continues to dig deeper, and they all fall through the hold. They land back into a yard, that looks like their original yard but not their yard at all.

Favorite part

When they all fall through the “yard,” it looks like the “yard” is the original yard. However, it is not. Few people notice the difference between the original yard and “yard” now. For example, the apple tree is gone, it is a pear tree now. The readers are likely to go back and find the difference from the beginning to the end of the story.


I will recommend this picture book to the children. The language is simple for kids’ early learning of reading. Additionally, we can also see the leadership, teamwork, and persistence in this book. The illustrations are beautiful.

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