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Meaghan Reilly Johnny Appleseed Story Book by Landoll’s

Introduce the Book Johnny Appleseed is the classic story of this many wondering thought the states planting Appleseed that soon would become large luscious apple trees. Johnny Appleseed is a biography because is carried through the start of his life on a large farm outside of the city all the way through his adventures of traveling. I chose this book for my biography because it is a classic that all students learn in preschool and never revisit in later years.

Summary The Johnny Appleseed story goes like this, A man who lived in Pennsylvania watched settlers sailed down the Ohio river to live on unsettled land. Johnny was concerned about the lack of apple trees in the new land, sold everything but a horse and apple seeds. Johnny traveled the land meeting people, telling stories, giving apples and seeds to families. But one day he saved an Indian who was shot and that Indian happened to be chief so the word was out that Johnny was to be cared for and given a place to sleep and eat throughout this travels. The rumors traveled throughout the states and Johnny was a leg needed that everyone was waiting to pass through their land. Everywhere we went he planted more and more apple seeds so the settlers and Indians could have apples for dessert, meals, cider, and more.

Johnny Appleseed is a biography about this man's life, planting seeds and helping both Indians and settlers along the way. But this story is also a history book for students to learn about the times of horses and buggies and growing their own food. This is why Johnny was so concerned about planting apple trees so all could have free food from the tree but someone had to plant those trees because apple trees are not going to grow on their own.

Share Your Favorite Part My favorite part of this book is when Johnny saved the Indians life, Johnny did not benefit from saving the Indians life. He just helped these injured Indians out of the kindness of his heart. This small act went along the way, at the time Johnny did not know the impact that it would have on his future. Due to his act of kindness others repaid him in his time of need. This lesson is great for students to learn that you can always be kind and not need to get repaid for your actions or get paid to be kind. Always be kind first.

Give a Recommendation I would recommend this book for students in grades 1 - 3 because it is a biography and it is a great book to use to introduce biographies to young students. Johnny Appleseed is a great book to start many lessons like sciences, writings, reading, and history. This is why I would recommend this book for young students because teachers can use the book as a foundation for many more activities and lessons in the first grade.

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