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The Mystery of the Missing Lunch by Johanna Hurwitz is a children's mystery book. It is a book that teaches many lessons. Some of the lessons include not jumping to conclusions about your friends, problem solving and friendship. This book is funny in nature and has an interesting plot. This book would serve as a good read

On the first day of school Ramones mother makes him his favorite thing for lunch, a bologna sandwich. When it comes time for lunch Ramone finds out that his lunch is missing and becomes angry. He starts to accuse all his classmates of stealing it. After speaking with his friend Emily about it, he starts to realize that some of the kids in the class could not have taken his lunch bag. For example, there are three kids in the class who would not have taken his bologna sandwich because they are vegetarians. Ramone figures he needs to start ruling people out. As the story unfolds, he continues to rule people out and piece together the clues. He comes to find that there were cats who found their way into the school a couple of days ago. It turns out that they are the ones who ate his lunch! Not any of his classmates.

I would recommend this book to parents, kids and teachers. This book served as a good source for a fun mystery story. It would be a great tool for teachers trying to introduce their students to the mystery genre. I would recommend this book for kids ages 4-8. Kids on the lower end of the age spectrum may need some help reading the book, but they would enjoy the story and be able to understand it.

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