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Book Title

I am Abraham Lincoln


Author: Brad Meltzer Illustrator: Christopher Eliopoulos


This story written as if Abe is telling the story. “He” discusses on his childhood how he had to work and hunt. He also talks on his favorite animal, a turtle. One day he noticed these kids were putting hot coals on top of the turtles shells and making them race. He told the kids to let the turtle go and take the coal off. He then wrote his first essay on harming animals, which was big for him considering most kids back then didn't know how to write. Abe went to school for barley a year, yet still practiced reading and writing. He loved books. He'd write his favorite parts on pieces of wood. When he was 22 he moved to Illinois and met a group of boys who bullied him. They fought physically. Abe lost but only because the other boy didn't play fair; this made Abe angry and ask to fight all of them. They respected him that he had guts to fight again. He said tot hem “I'm going to be on the penny someday”. One day he witnessed slaves chained on a boat being treated terribly. For years he was haunted by this memory. Then he discusses his presidency and the Civil War. He passed a law that ended slavery. He also finally got on the penny like he said he would.

Analyze Author Craft

The book included every event in his life that made him speak up against something that he thought was wrong. The illustrations did well as describing what was going on on each page as well. The events built up from when he was a little boy all the way up to his presidency and the Civil War occurring. It was very well written and I recommend children reading this if they are interested in Abraham Lincoln's life.

Favorite Part

My favorite part is when he was talking about the Civil War. He said that if he learned anything in life, it was to never turn away from a problem. He resembles this a lot through this story but brought it with him all the way to the Civil War. It shows how he is an honest and respectful man. He fought for what he believed is the right thing to do and kept fighting for it. He never gave up, just like he didn't with his fight with the boys. He proved that all people should be created equal. He relates this back to the turtle as well to “when you see injustice, speak up”. I also like how he got on the penny like he said he would.

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