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The Hot Seat strategy is when one student takes the role of a significant figure in the classroom learning (this could be a historical figure, a literature character, an animal, or many other variations) and has to sit in front of the class and act with that persona. The class generate questions, and the student in the 'hot seat' must answer their questions while remaining in character.


Variations on this could be to split up into smaller groups so that more students have the option to participate in the 'hot seat.' There are also variations that make this more of a game in order to make this activity applicable to more subjects, like vocabulary or science.

Why Use

*The student generates a masterful knowledge base in order to answer questions about the character *Students will have fun with this and engage more actively with the learning *This allows the students to think deeper about the character's motives, background and perspective Forces students to critically think on the spot and have background knowledge of details in the text


*Shy students, or students with issues public speaking may be uncomfortable with this activity *The focus can only be on one student at a time

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