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Definition: Four Corners is a discussion method where a teacher will provide students with a statement, or ask them a question. In the four corners of the classroom, there are statements or opinions about the question or statement. Students then go into one of the four corners that has the statement the agree with the most. (paraphrased from the teacher toolkit lesson plan provided below)

History: This is a variation of the classroom game “Four Corners”. However, instead of it being about getting people out until one student is standing, this is more about having those discussions between peers.

Link to Lesson Plans:


Why Use?: This allows the teacher to ask the students why they chose what they chose, as well as allowing the students to discuss their reasoning with their fellow corner occupants. (also paraphrased from teacher toolkit lesson plan)

Criticism: Since the class is split up into these four groups, the teacher may not be able to equally facilitate each group's conversations. This could lead to students engaging in surface-level discussions or getting off topic.

By Will Steinbrick

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