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“Conver-Stations” is a strategy to get kids to move around while they discuss the questions given by their teacher. This helps to provide movement within the classroom and shared ideas to get the children to fully understand the answer to the question.


This was created by a woman named Sarah Brown Wessling, who spent hours in her mothers classrooms and then decided to go to college to be a broadcast journalism major. She then happily found her way into the classroom where she has been teaching for 18 years now and thought of this brilliant idea.

How to

Each group is made up of 4 people and each group helps to form a circle around the room. They are all given a question to discuss and after about ten minutes of discussion in their group, two of the four kids move to their left to be a part of a new group. They will share their ideas from their previous group and create new ones with their new group.

Why Use

-Causes movement which helps kids feel more engaged -Good for any grade -Helps deepen conversation -Carries ideas around the classroom -Kids lead conversation instead of adults


-Two students in each group aren't able to move around -Rushes students -Also could be tough for the students who do move around, if they have trouble conveying information or they did not fully grasp what was discussed in their group. -Will Steinbrick

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