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Station teaching is a co-teaching model that involves splitting the class up into 3 or more different groups. Each group spends time at a specific station with a teacher and then rotates to a different station with another teacher. The remaining students not at a station will work on independent practice activities . Co-teaching is two teachers either both general education or one general and one special education teacher teaching together.


Co-teaching was created for educators to try to meet the wide range of student learning needs. The idea began in the late 1960s so that as many students as possible would have full access to a regular education classroom and would not experience segregation from their peers. This was under IDEA and is apart of inclusion.

Why Use

Gives the students time to learn different skills that all relate to the same lesson Helpful for special education students getting more small group instruction


Not enough collaboration between two teachers Requires a lot of planning and preperation, Schedules might not allow for them to work together Two might not be willing to do it

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