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Tito Puente – Mambo King


Monica Brown


This book is a biography about Tito Puente that is intended for children. The book itself is full of colors and images and everything is in both English and Spanish. The book goes through the life of Tito Puente, starting as a child in New York and following him through his career as a musician. At the very end of the book is a full biography on the life of Tito Puente.

Analyze Author Craft

The book is written well and is intended for young audiences to connect with the subject. Being written in two languages, the story can be connected and shared with children who are learning both. The subject is relevant to the lives of the children and can be related very easily to history, art, education, music, and culture.

Favorite Part

My favorite part of the biography are the images that connect the reader to Tito Puente. The colors and movement that is used is masterful, and each page expresses something new and interesting about the singer.

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