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The Sun and her Flowers By Rupi Kaur

Introduce the Book

This is a collection of free verse poetry going through the stages of life (life of a flower) the chapters vary starting from wilting ending in blooming.


This book is a collection of short free verse poetry. It goes through a girls struggle dealing with heartbreak, life, and getting out of a dark mental space and blossoming into a better person. The book goes through so many aspects of life that you're bound to find a poem that relates to what you're going through in your own life.

Share Your Favorite Part

“when my daughter is living in my belly i will speak to her like she's already changed the world she will walk out fully equipped with the knowledge that she's capable of anything she sets her mind to”

I love this poem. I used to read this book years ago when I was going through hard times, I read the sad parts, because they were relatable. Now that I am happy in my life I read the blooming chapter. That is one of the good things about this book, there is a poem for whatever stage in your life you're going through. This poem is from the blooming chapter. I long to be a mother and this poem is an amazing representation of going into motherhood. You need to uplift your daughter or son so they can give their best selves to the world.

Give a Recommendation

I recommend this book for young adults. Not in schools but for a personal read. It helped me get through a lot of struggles and made me realize I was not alone. It also inspired me to write my own poetry. The author doesn't follow any structure, she just free writes. Reading it and feeling the pain or joy in such short verses is inspiring in some way. I would definitely give this book a read, it is an exceptional poetry book.

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