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Book Title: The Snowy Day

Author: Ezra Jack Keats

Summary: A little boy named Peter wakes up to discover that there has been a huge snowstorm. He is excited and celebrates by putting on his red snow suit to head outside for an adventure. The snow is piled high outside. Peter makes a snowman, snow angels, and pretends to climb mountains. He encounters some problems and learns how to deal with them. One obstacle he overcomes is choosing not to join the snowball fight the older kids are having. Peter is much younger than them and realizes it might be dangerous for him to get involved. When Peter is on his way home, he puts a snowball in his pocket. While he slept, he dreamt that the sun came out and melted all of the snow. He awakens to find that it has snowed again! He heads back out for another adventure in the snow.

Analyze Author Craft: The story is realistic fiction. The activities Peter does in the snow are real activities children do when playing in the snow. As for the conflict, it is relatable for younger children wanting to play with older children but not being allowed to in fear of them getting hurt. This allows the reader to empathize with Peter. The story overall is relatable to many people’s childhoods, making the story relevant.

My favorite part is when Peter wakes up on the second day to find more snow.

Give Recommendation: This story is great for younger children, as they can relate to waking up to find there is a snow day. The children will be able to share the excitement and adventure with Peter.

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