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Title: The Little Mermaid

Author: Hans Christian Anderson

Summary: This fairytale was written in 1837. The story is about a mermaid who is the youngest of six mermaid princesses. The girl’s mother had died, so their grandmother helps their father by caring for them. The little mermaid is always curious about the world above the sea and is always asking about it. Each princess had their own garden to decorate, and hers was decorated with the statue of a prince from a sunken ship. When the little mermaid turns 15, she is allowed to swim to the surface world to observe what life is like up there. She approaches a ship to see a handsome prince inside just like the statue of one she has in her garden. A storm appears and wrecks the ship, drowning everyone on board except for the prince, who she had managed to save by dragging him to shore. The prince is then taken away by maidens and the little mermaid returns home to her grandmother longing to be with the prince, where she is informed there is a way for her to live on the land. She must visit the sea witch to get a potion that will give her legs and feet in place of her tail, but she must give up her voice. To be able to stay on the land, she must make the prince fall in love with her and get him to marry her. She agrees to this deal, and takes the risk, as she may never return to being a mermaid. She manages to connect with the prince, who treats her kindly even though she has no voice. He falls in love with her when he realizes she is the one that saved him. They sailed away to their wedding, where her sisters met her with a knife instructing her to kill the prince so that she is able to be a mermaid again. She cannot do this and decides to throw herself in the water, rather than facing what she was asked to do. She was lifted out of the water by the daughters of the air, and she was given the chance to obtain her eternal soul by blessing children.

Favorite part: My favorite part was when the little mermaid chose to save her love over herself, and through that selflessness, she was granted what she had always wanted, her eternal soul.

Recommendation: This original version of this fairytale may be a bit grim for children, but modern day versions have adapted the story to be more child friendly.

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