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Meaghan Reilly “The Happy Hedgehog” by Marcus Pfister

Introduce the Book “The Happy Hedgehog” is a book that is beautifully illustrated and designed with one page a colorful picture of the story and the other page is white with black text with a little photo of the hedgehog, explaining how he is feeling on that page. The story is about a little hedgehog's adventure of finding happiness after getting scolded by his grandfather for lying around all day.

Summary The happy hedgehog story is a wonderful lesson for children to learn how a person does not need to be the best in the world to be happy. The Hedgehog meets many different animals including, ants, rabbits, tortious, and raccoons. All of these animals are training to be the best in the world, then they will be happy. But the hedgehog learns that he is happy now. He is happy not being the best in the world but happy with his strength, knowledge, and ect. This is the lesson that the little hedgehog learns in the story but when he returns home to his grandfather. The Grandfather learns a lesson of his own and you will just have to read the story to learn why the little Hedgehogs grandfather was wrong from the beginning.

Share Your Favorite Part My Favorite part of this story is when the little hedgehog learns how he can use his knowledge and skills to help others. The hedgehog learns that he is happy in his life today and does not need to change no matter what others think. This part of the book happens at the end of the book so you are going to need to read the whole book to find the beautiful ending that is a great lesson for students to learn!

Give a Recommendation I would recommend this book to young students ages 5 to 7 but also to students in high school who are looking for their future. The happy hedgehog is a great book for students who are feeling the pressures of the world and looking for their next step after high school. Even though this is a children’s book it can make a huge impact for older students who need to learn this important lesson before leaving high school.

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