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The Deductive Duck by Brian Rock

Summary: This story is about a cake contest where there are a bunch of animals that bake a cake for the contest but then one of the cakes gets stolen. Deductive duck was called down at the station to come and investigate the situation and figure out who stole the cake. He went through all the clues and interviewed all the animals while ruling them out one by one based upon the clues. At the end he ruled out all of the animals except for Monkey. Monkey could not help himself as it was a banana cream cake.

Favorite Part: I would have to say I love the book as a whole but the ending just made it so much better because the little monkey just couldn't resist.

Teaching: I would use this book in Kindergarten because the way it is written and illustrated I feel as my students would truly be engaged. Also, we could use this book and recreate the scenario in the classroom.

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