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Book Title: The Cat in the Hat

Author: Dr. Seuss

Summary: In this story there are two children, Sally and Sam, whose mother is out. They were having a boring day until they were visited by a stranger, the Cat. Their fish tries to convince the children to not let the Cat in. The Cat convinces them that their mom won’t mind, and he proceeds to make a very big mess with all his tricks. Before the Cat leaves, he cleans up his mess, so that when their mother returns home, nothing is out of order. The last line of the story is “What would you do, if your mother asked you?” The children ponder about telling their mother what happened while she was gone.

Favorite Part: My favorite part is when the Cat is juggling too many items and falls, dropping everything on the floor. This can be a message to not attempt too many things at once, it is better to do one thing good than do many things bad.

Recommendation: This story is good to prompt discussions with children about what is right and wrong during this story. The children can discuss the ending question if they would tell their mother. The illustrations help children see how crazy the Cat actually is.

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