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Book Title: Badgers Fancy Meal

Author: Keiko Kasza

Summary: This fable is about a hungry badger looking for a meal to eat. Not only is he looking for a meal to eat, but he wants it to be a “fancy” meal. The badger finds a mole, a mouse, and a rabbit. Each time he gets excited to eat them and begins daydreaming about the fancy meal he is going to have. However, each time his fancy meal escapes. He begins getting frustrated and say, “I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. Then the badger stumbles across an angry horse who says, “you think you can eat me?”. The horse then kicks the badger all the way back to his den. When the badger hits the floor of his den, he thinks to himself I was silly for looking for a fancy meal, I am glad I built myself this home and everything I need I have right here.

Analyze Author Craft: The story is a fable. The author uses emotions like greed and desire to teach the lesson that usually when you want something extravagant it is unnecessary. My favorite part is when the badger envisions having the rabbit on a banana split Sunday. I thought this part was funny and very imaginative.

Recommendation: This book would be great for children who are in elementary school. I think it is a great tool to teach about being grateful for what we have, and not wanted extravagant things out of life. The illustrations are also very well done so their children would enjoy reading it even more.

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