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Book Title

Secret of the Mountain Dog

Introduce the Book

This is a mystery book about a mysterious dog and girl finding a lost statue for ages 8-12 (grades 3-7)


A dog shows up at Jax's door and she notices a light on in an old abandoned monastery up the mountain. They climb to the mountain top and meet a boy, Yeshi. Yeshi and his teacher came to open the building and search for a long-lost statue hidden somewhere in the monastery. Someone else is searching for it too and the adventure becomes dangerous. Jax, with the help of her new friend and dog, need to find their way back down the mountain safely.

Share Your Favorite Part

My favorite part is when the dog just shows up at Jax's house.

Give a Recommendation

I would recommend this book because it's a good book about conquering fear and it has some mystical events that leaves readers having to decide for themselves what happened. It also can teach the readers about Buddhism that ties into the story.

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