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Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales

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A poor miller had a beautiful daughter and one day he had to talk to the king and to sound more important he told the king that his daughter could spin straw into gold. The king took the daughter and put her into a room of straw and said that if she did not spin it all into gold by morning she would die. When the king left she started to cry then a little man came in and offered to help so the girl gave him her necklace as payment. When the king came in the next morning he was delighted but he wanted more so he brought her to another room with more straw. When he left she started to cry again and the little man came back and helped for the price of her ring. The next day the king came back and brought her to another room with even more straw and said that if she made all this straw gold he would make her his wife. So the little man came back and offered to help but the miller's daughter had nothing left to offer as payment. The little man says that if the king makes her his wife that he wants their first born child. Thinking nothing of it she agrees. She ends up marrying the king and a year later they have a child and the little man comes to get the child. She cries and begs to keep her child and the little man agrees that if she can guess his name in three days then she can keep her child.

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My favorite part is when the little man comes back for the first born child because it shows that nothing good can come from deception and greed. If the miller did not lie about the daughters 'talent' and the king did not threaten her life for the gold she would not have needed the help and gave away her necklace, ring, and her first born child.

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I would recommend this fairytale because it's a great story about deception and greed.

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