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The protagonist Crusoe sets sail to Africa for the slaves’ trade after several failing sails before. His ship is wrecked, and he survives in an unknown island. Overcoming his despair, he gets the tools and other supplies from the ship. After that, he hunts, grows barley and rice, dries grapes to make raisins, and learns to make pottery and raises goats. More year’s pass, Crusoe gets a slave, he named him Friday. He then teaches him English and coverts him to Christianity. One day, there is a ship passing by the island. Crusoe helps the captain the loyal sailors retake the ship; as the reward, Crusoe can finally sail back to England.

Favorite part

When Crusoe survives on the island, it is so interesting to see how he use all tools he can use to make another life on the island. I like reading how he figures out the way to make food, build house and raise goats. It makes me think what if it happens to me, how I can survive like Crusoe. I think it would a tough life of being alone on the island; it turns out Crusoe can handle such situation perfectly.


I will recommend this book as realistic fiction. This book encourages its readers to persist and overcome though you are facing the situation of desperation. We should be optimistic when we are struggling in our real life. Also, the description of the life on the island is so real; it makes its readers feel that the author experiences the same situation himself. I feel like I was on the island, and I follow the protagonist Crusoe’s steps to make up the plan everyday to survive on the island. Fantastic!

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