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Fairy Tale Title

Jack and the Beanstalk


Joseph Jacobs


The story is about a boy named Jack who lived with only his mother. They were poor and sold almost everything, even their cow, in order to get food. When Jack went to town to sell the cow, he met a man that sold magic beans. He traded the cow for the beans. Jack's mom was furious and threw the beans out. The next morning, he found a huge beanstalk and started to climb it. When he got to the top, he found a huge castle. He saw a giant inside eating dinner and counting his gold coins but soon fell asleep. Jack then stole the bag of coins and went back down the beanstalk to show his mom. She was happy to get her money back that the giant stole but made Jack promise to never go back because the giant was dangerous.Shortly after, he went back up and stole a hen that lays golden eggs. When he went back up a third time, he went to go steal a harp, but it made so much noise that it woke the giant up. The giant yelled and chased Jack. He went down the stock and chopped it. The giant fell and disappeared. Then Jack and his mother yelled happily ever after.

Analyze Author Craft

The fairy tale had good characters within it and created a fun story for kids to read and make predictions on. It was repetitive but interesting to read. Jack was just trying to help out his mother who was poor. This is what most men would do so it was believable in a sense but the story as a whole was a fantasy.

Favorite Part

My favorite part was when the giant caught Jack with the harp because it built suspense and finally noticed that Jack was stealing his stuff.

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