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  • 0006/0007 Understand how to apply reading comprehension skills and strategies to imaginative/literary texts
    • knowledge of reading as a process to construct meaning

In the Classroom

In the classroom research often gets translated through publishers and third party entities such as professional organizations and consultants. National and state level policies, and local tax budgets impact how reading is taught.

You will aspects of all the elements of reading history in play in the modern classroom. Classroom points on a DoJo board or earning a pencil in accelerated reader shows that lessons of behaviorism still work for teachers.The “Science of Reading” folks keep waging a war against an enemy that does not exist.

Scholars apply critical race theory to demonstrate dominant practices in reading research while expanding definitions of literacy accoutn for oral voices of the under represented.

Meanwhile in the world our network society changes what it means to be literate while historical inequities get exacerbated.

Current trends in the classroom revolve around:

  • Not enough oral language development of background knowledge in eary childhood education
  • Focusing on content knowledge or strategy instruction

Foundations of Reading Task:

Find the reading:

Alexander, P. A., & Fox, E. (2004). A historical perspective on reading research and practice. Theoretical models and processes of reading, 5, 33-68

Make a table to summarize the information. Hint: Preview the text to see if thte text structure gives you clues for the columns

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