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Meaghan Reilly

Hansel and Gretel Illustrated by Tracy Williamson

Introduce the Book The Hansel and Gretel is a classic fairytale, this is why I had it on my bookshelf. I choose all my books from the old children's books I had in my home. I was going to choose a princess storybook but I wanted to go with a story that was not romantic because I feel that fairytales have the reputation for being romantic stories so highlighting that fairy tales can be a story.

Summary The Hansel and Gretel fairy tale is about a stepmother that wants to get rid of her new husband’s kids. The children make their way home the first time but the second attempt he finds a house decorated with candy. Interested in the house the children start eating the candy off the house when the witch comes home and traps the children. (Spoiler Alert! But I am sure everyone knows this story) The sister saves the day and traps the witch and saves her brother from being eaten by the witch. Then the children find their way home by the breadcrumbs they left. Once at home the father is so happy to see them home safe and sound.

Share Your Favorite Part My favorite part of this fairytale is the part when the children left breadcrumbs on the trail to find their way home. This part of the story shows the initiative for finding their way back and becoming problem solvers. The children are using what they have to become resourceful. The book included a few lessons but this part of the story is showing children how there is always a solution to the problem even if it is just breadcrumbs.

Give a Recommendation I would not recommend this book for teachers because this is a classic that children will probably already know this story before entering school. A classic story that all parents will want to share these classic fairy tales with their children. So I would not recommend this book for teachers to use in the classroom but it would be a great activity to send home for the family.

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