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A Fish Bowl discussion is when a students sit in a huge circle around the room. There is a topic of discussion, and one small group of students usually 3-4 sit in the center of the circle and talk amongst themselves about the topic. Usually there is an exchange of different ideas. Once the group is done talking through their ideas, the students in the outer circle can ask question and take turn engaging in conversation about what was said by the students in the center


You can have students in the outer circle be able to raise there hand to chime in mid discussion.

Why Use

This discussion method is a great tool to get students outside of their comfort zone having to speak infant of their peers and be the center of attention. Once the students open up, the discussion can really start to flow. Students can bounce ideas off of each other and it is great for student lead discussions.


Sometimes the public nature of the conversation can make it hard for students to fully participate. This also only focuses on one student at a time, and there might be a situation where not all of the students get to share their ideas.

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