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FORT Objectives 0006/0007 Understand how to apply reading comprehension strategies.

use of comprehension strategies to support effective learning.


Cognitive scientist, coming out of the strategy instruction from an information processing framework brought expert studies in from problem solving studies. Cognitive scientist studied expert and novice chess players. Could the same apply to expert readers?

Michael Pressley and Peter Afflerbach began to explore this question in the early nineties and this reveled reading to involve goal setting and highly interactive cognitive processes.

At the same time as this language has translated to the classroom constantly framing comprehensions in the question of , “What do good readers do?” also helps students success criteria with comprehension instruction and see themselves as reader.

What Do Good Readers Do

Using verbal protocol analysis, or think alouds, researchers asked expert and novice readers to think aloud as

Before Reading

  • Set a purpose
  • Preview the text
  • Predict what the text will say

During Reading

  • skim based on purpose
  • re-read relevant parts
  • take notes
  • find mind ideas
  • relate details to goals
  • connect to prior knowledge
  • make inferences
  • summarize

After Reading

  • reread
  • summarize
  • reflect
  • combine information
  • Think about future uses

In the Classroom

You can organize your learning activities with comprehension strategy instruction around Before, During and After. Have students plan how or use a strategy to preview the text, then have students think aloud, afterwards students can reflect on strategy use.

You also need to to do “think alouds as a teacher before, during, and after reading for your students.

Use the language of , “What do good readers do a lot” Create a culture where students want to see themselves as a good reader and will copy what we know makes good readers successful.

Before, During, After Guides

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