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Students form two circles, one inside circle and one outside circle. Each student on the outside of the circle is facing a student on the inside of the circle. The teacher asks the students a question and the pairs discuss their responses. Then the teachers tells them to rotate and the students on the outside of the circle moves over to the right. Once everyone has a new partner the teacher asks another question. Can also be called Inner circle/Outer circle.


There are other variations of this such as instead of having two circles there are two lines facing each other. When they rotate everyone moves down a place and the student at the end goes around to the beginning of the line. Other teachers use this discussion strategy as a peer teaching format as well.

Why Use

This gives students a chance to discuss their ideas especially if they do not like to speak in front of the whole class. It also gives students a chance to talk with everyone in the class and no one is left out.


In most cases each question is only discussed with one person so the students won't get to hear everyones thoughts on the topic.

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