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The Social Barometer strategy is also known as the “Stand Where I Stand” strategy. This type of discussion, or debate, assists students in sharing their opinions on controversial topics and ideas. It can also help students expand their positions on a topic, and allow them to accept new or difficult information in a controlled and effective way.


There are many different variations of the social barometer strategy. A few are; forced decision: yes, no or undecided, Post-It notes barometer, and presenting different perspectives. Many teachers adapt the technique to what fits their classroom and students the best.

Why Use

* Students learn how to form opinions on various topics * Students learn how to articulate their ideas in a clear manner *Students are exposed to a variety of opinions, ideas, and points of view


*Students may have a difficult time presenting their ideas in a mature manner *This may bring up difficult topics that the students feel uncomfortable with *May end up excluding some children with auditory processing issues

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