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Book Title: All the Water in the World

Author: George Ella Lyon

Summary: This is a children's book written with the use of poetry. It is about water and the process it goes through during the water cycle. The story describes characteristics of water and illustrates how animals and the rest of the world depend on water to stay alive. It teaches children that water is a very important recourse and should not be wasted or polluted.

Analyze Author Craft: I think this book does a great job of teaching kids about the water cycle. It also does a fabulous job illustrating the importance of keeping our environment clean, and teaching kids how important of a resource water is for life. The rhyming and illustrations really keep you engaged throughout reading the story.

My favorite part: Is when the author talks about how important of a resource water is and how we need to keep our “water clean and our earth green”. I think this is a life lesson that our students will learn and carry with them forever.

Give Recommendation: I would recommend this book to kids who are in elementary school. I think this book does a great job of illustrating the importance of being environmentally friendly. It will also show kids how important water is to the survival of many things like humans and animals. I think this will set our kids up to ask themselves the question, “What happens if we start to lose water because of pollution?” This is important for having the kids learn that there are effects to actions that could be long lasting.

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