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Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


Written by Judith Viorst Illustrated by Ray Cruz


Right from the minute Alexander woke up, he had very bad luck. His brothers received fun things in their cereal box, but Alexander found nothing. Alexander, on the way to school, was scrunched in the middle seat while everyone else got window seats. At school, his teacher kept making negative comments towards everything he did. His friend told him that Alex wasn't his best friend anymore, too. He didn't even have dessert for lunch. After school, he went to the dentist where they found a cavity. The elevator closed on his foot and he tripped in mud. His mom scolded him over this. Then they went to the shoe store and they were sold out of his favorite shoe. He then accidentally caused a mess in his dads office. He even had a bad dinner and he got soap in his eyes. His marble went down the drain and the water was too hot. At night he bit his tongue and his cat didn't want to sleep with him.

Analyze Author Craft

The story was very entertaining. One event and cause to Alexander hating the day led to another on each page. There were so many reasons why he hated the day, not just a few. The author also chose to repeat the title on every page at the end of explaining the page. The illustrations were also very well detailed. This was definitely realistic fiction because it is based on events that could happen, yet the exact story, word for word, has never happened before.

Favorite Part

My favorite part was his mom in the end finally taking notice that her child had a bad day. To make him feel better she said “Some days are like that.” meaning that not everyday is going to be a good one. I liked this part because her point is true and sends a good message.

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