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Aladdin is a poor young man living in a city of China. He is tricked by a sorcerer who persuade Aladdin to get a wonderful lamp from a cave, where Aladdin is trapped later. He rubs the magic ring lent from the sorcerer, a genie appears, who releases him from the cave, allowing him to return to his mother with lamp. Aladdin becomes rich and powerful and marries Princess. The sorcerer hears of Aladdin’s good life. He tricks Aladdin’s wife to get the lamp. He did it and he ordered the genie of the lamp to take the palace, along with all its contents, to his home. Aladdin recovers the lamp later with the help of genie of the ring, he defeated the sorcerer and eventually becomes the king.

Favorite part

Aladdin comes back and defeats sorcerer with the help of genie of the ring. I like how wonderful the plot is, which makes me imagine the scenarios of the plot.


I think the plots will attract our kids to read the stories. At the same time, the story also encourages our children to be more kind and helpful. We should not be greedy. It will end up being bad if we are nor moral and ethical.

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