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After the Fall – How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again


Dan Santat


This picture book is about Humpty Dumpty falling, being afraid, and overcoming his fear. Humpty Dumpty is a story that everyone knows – an egg that fell off a wall. However, this version of the story goes further. It takes Humpty’s fall and turns it into a major life event that impacts him greatly and limits his mind and his dreams. He is so afraid of heights that he can no longer enjoy the simple things he used to love. Over the course of the story, Humpty finds different ways to work around his fear. The climax of the novel is the moment in which Humpty overcomes his fear and becomes an entirely new being – one that embraces everything that he is.

Analyze Author Craft

The manner in which the images are placed here add a lot to the story. The images convey elements that are not explicitly stated in the book. Being able to look at the image and understand what is going on is extremely important in understanding the story, otherwise one will not know what is going on. The author also makes great use of words and ideas that connect with children. There is a great play on being afraid and understanding that it okay – but it should not stop one from pursuing their dreams.

Favorite Part

My favorite part of this story was the ending, when Humpty Dumpty hatches into a bird. This was a great ending to the story and one that had surprised me the first time I read it.

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