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Give students a broad question that can result in many different ideas. Students will generate responses by writing them onto sticky notes. Each student will put their sticky note on a large paper of board in no particular order. Once every child has placed a sticky note, have them start to group them into similar categories as a class. Then the students will try to label the categories, discuss why they fit into a category, and compare and contrast the other categories. In writing, it can be used to organize ideas in the brainstorming phase to answering a prompt.


Affinity mapping was created by Jiro Kawakita in the 1960s, and it was called the K-J Method.

Why Use

Good way to brainstorm ideas. They help students prioritize actions. Good way to learn how to organize. They help with group decision making skills.


It is important to let every student get an idea on the board. It is okay to work off of each others ideas but it is not okay for them to steal other students ideas without putting any work in.

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