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Ada Lovelace, Poet of Science

Introduce the Book

This is a biography of Ada Lovelace who is known as the first computer programmer.


Daughter of famous poet, Lord Byran, and mathematical wife, Annabella. This book talks about Ada's gift of imagination and passion for science, math, and machines that she got from her parents. She had a vision for a computer-driven world and she wrote the first computer program. The illustrations bring the story to life and capture Ada Lovelace's spirit.

Share Your Favorite Part

My favorite part of the biography is when they talk about Ada getting her vivid imagination and passion for science, math, and machines from her parents because it shows the things she shares with her parents and that lead to her success.

Give a Recommendation

I would recommend this biography because it breaks the stereotype that men are better than women when it comes to science, math, and machines. Ada was the first computer programmer and it will inspire female readers.

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